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Which Morocco Tour Operator?

Which Morocco Tour Operator?

Two friends travelling with us on a customised 1 week Tour of Morocco, explained why they chose So Morocco.

Q – How did you find us?

A – You were on the 1st pages of Google and as the only small company amongst the huge ones, we were intrigued.

Q – Which other companies did you consider?

A – Busabout and Topdeck.

Q – Why were you looking at such large Tour Operators?

A – Because we wanted a big Group Tour

Q – Why did you decide they weren’t right for you?

A – Because they couldn’t offer us dates that suited us and there was no flexibility.

Q – What were your concerns about a private tour?

A – That we would be lonely, but we underestimated what good company the guide would be.

Q – How did you find the pre-booking process with So Morocco?

A – Faultless! You made us feel very comfortable that we weren’t asking too many questions and you didn’t mind how many times I changed dates and number of people.

Q – This was your 1st trip to Morocco – what were your 1st impressions?

A – We were astonished by the diversity, phenomenal changes of scenery within just a few miles. We are so glad we saw some really remote areas and the local people we met had such a passion for their country. We felt so safe, it’s just outstanding in every way.

Q – What was your opinion of the car?

A – Comfortable and clean (except after driving in the desert)  and thankfully air-conditioned.

Q – And the driver?

A – Safe, confident, knowledgeable, patient, charming.

Q – Were you satisfied with the hotels?

A – Oh my God – they were fantastic. There was such a variety! Festival Auberge, The Cave Hotel was in the most amazing setting with the best food and the staff there were so nice. We had a very comfortable cave room and the guys who worked there all played music for us after dinner.  The luxury camp was wonderful with an outstanding meal although the staff were a bit formal. Riad Zahra in Essaouira had the most outstanding food, we were so glad you suggested we eat in to experience it. It had a really nice pool too but we didn’t actually use it as we were out all the time. They were really friendly here, wonderful service actually.

Q – Is there anything you would do differently if you came again?

A – Only pack comfortable clothes – there was no need to be dressy at all.

Q – What advice would you give to anyone thinking of booking a Tour of Morocco?

A – Don’t be scared to open dialogue with a specialist company, such as yourselves. The prices were extremely reasonable and competitive, the flexibility and options were better and the service was faultless.

Q – What was the one deciding factor that persuaded you to book with So Morocco?

A – Your reviews are amazing and swung it for us when we were nervous.

Q – How would you sum up your Morocco Tour?

A – It was honestly a life changing experience. We were heartbroken to leave and were in tears at the airport. The holiday was something I’ll never forget and as a company you deserve to be so successful. 

Thanks to Hannah and Sophie who travelled with us in July 2016


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