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Morocco – Guided Tour or DIY?

Morocco Guided Tour or DIY?

A couple travelling with us on a customised 9 day Tour of Morocco, talk about their experience.

Q – Why did your choose to book with So Morocco?

A – You were the first tour operator I contacted and you were so easy to communicate with and managed everything out of the UK, we felt comfortable and confident booking with you.

Q – Was this your first trip to Morocco?

A – We came once before, 30 odd years ago and stayed in Marrakech, which was much smaller then and we did a couple of day trips only.

Q – What were you looking for when you first contacted us?

A –We really wanted to get out of the cities and see the countryside but we were planning to do some train travel and be as independent as possible. However after talking with you we opted for your tour which is a fully guided option. We also chose to increase our days in order to see more.

Q – Do you think that was the right decision?

A – Absolutely, now that we have been, we can definitely say that trying to do it ourselves would have been a terrible experience.

Q – Would you recommend So Morocco and our style of tour to others?

A – Yes with no hesitation, dealing with a UK office is a massive added advantage not to be under estimated and worth paying a slight premium for. We met people while we were out there who had booked a last minute tour with local tour operators after they arrived and had the most awful experiences.

Q – Were you pleased with the choice of driver and car?

A – Ismail  was wonderful, took a lot of pride in his job and his country and couldn’t have been more helpful. The car was great although we had to ask him to crank up the AC a bit as the October temperatures were really high.

Q – How did you rate the accommodation?

A – The best hotel was the Cave Hotel, just outstanding in every single way. If we came again we would upgrade to the luxury desert camp though as we really are too old for more basic camping. The camp site staff bent over backwards to look after us though. There was one hotel, in Chefchaouen, which wasn’t up to the same standard as the others but we understood that it was a last minute booking and you had struggled to find availability in Chefchaouen for us at the right budget. The worst hotel was the one we booked ourselves in Marrakech before our tour started and we’ve left a very critical trip advisor review on that one.

Q – Which was your favourite location?

A – Fes! We really loved Fes and the riads you chose were in an excellent location, once we understood our way around. In the 2nd one we stayed in we had what must have been the best hotel bedroom we have ever stayed in in our whole lives.

Q – Is there anything you would do differently if you came again?

A – Possibly spend less time in Chefchaouen. It’s a small town which can be seen on a day trip really. We definitely wouldn’t try to do a DIY trip now that we know Morocco better, that would have been incredibly difficult and we saw so  much and did so much with a driver / guide which we would have missed out on without. Using a specialist tour operator was the best decision we could have made.

Q – Overall – what was your impression of So Morocco Ltd?

A – As a company you never took your eye off the ball, not even once. Excellent attention to detail before, during and after the tour.

Thanks to Michael & Pauline Bottomley who travelled with us in October 2016

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