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Want your last minute trip to Morocco to be sensational?

Our Last Minute Desert Tour

We booked a last minute trip, a Desert Tour of Morocco through So Morocco just a few days before and couldn’t have made a better decision. If you are pondering, give the team at So Morocco a call! You won’t regret it.

Desert Tour Day 1

Flying into Marrakech we see the snow caps of the Atlas Mountains peering above the clouds before we land on the Tarmac and step out into the blistering heat compared to that of London. Met at the airport by our So Morocco guide our tour begins.

We are driven right to our door at the beautiful riad right in the main square of Marrakech. Being a last minute trip to Morocco, we are taken aback at how well night one has turned out and we head into the bustling square for dinner. The market-place is absolutely brimming with new foods including snail soup…. an absolute “must have” despite its appearance.

Desert Tour Day 2

We are collected bright and early after our incredible breakfast of locally made breads, preserves and fine saffron tea, and driven through the heart of Marrakech and deep into the Atlas Mountains. These are truly incredible mountains and the stark contrast between the harsh surrounding desert and the snow-strewn hills with brisk fresh air is something unexpected and pleasantly surprising. Our guide knew exactly where to stop and each rest had a more stunning outlook than the last. Before finally we were through the range and looking out upon the UNESCO heritage listed kasbah where Laurence of Arabia was filmed and were able to try yet more beautiful Moroccan cuisine. Before finally we were dropped by our knowledgeable guide to the front door of our riad in Dades. A secluded, and once again beautiful riad, built on the traditional rammed earth style of the surrounding villages.

Desert Tour Day 3

Today we ride into the Sahara.

Without a doubt, this last minute trip was the most unforgettable experience either of us had ever had. Again we are met by a truly knowledgeable guide as we switch from the comfort of our Toyota four wheel drive to camel back. Our driver takes a well-deserved break as he’s met by staff at the hotel and they greet each other like old friends and we begin our trek into the sand with Muhammad leading the way by foot… Brad and I preferred camel power.

Once in the dead centre of the desert, we are directed to the best vantage point for sunset and from there, watch the red sands turn to a deep purple and the heat and the wind die down. It’s like being on Mars. Stunning.

Desert Camp Last Minute trip Morocco Tour

Desert Tour Day 4

After waking up to a beautiful sunrise, arguably better than the sunset, we are seated comfortably atop our camels and trek back out of the desert camp that so comfortably housed us and onto the hotel where another delicious breakfast is waiting. Onward we drive back towards Marrakech and back through the Atlas Mountains for our final stop in the beautiful village of Agdz. Here we arrive with time to spare and take the time to wander the streets enjoying their plentiful street food carts and meeting the hugely accommodating locals. There was even a chance for a quick kick around with the local kids on their makeshift soccer pitch. It is worth considering the purchase of a soccer ball to pass down to the kids for this trip. They are extremely appreciative and they have to make do with whatever they have to kick around so to see them with a new ball is very nice. Our hotel in Agdz is no different from the others in that it is again stunning and fed by an amazing kitchen staff.

Desert Tour Day 5

By now we are absolutely shattered and the constant beauty of this country is emotionally draining, to say the least, but like nothing else. Or driver takes us comfortably back to Marrakech main square and unfortunately, this is where we must part ways with him. Bringing what was an unforgettable tour to an end.

Written by Rowan and Brad who booked a last minute 5 Day Desert Tour with us in April.

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