• Length 2 - 5 days (or contact us for longer)
  • Highlights Authentic ★ Desert Trekking ★ Nomadic Family ★ Sahara Desert at M'Hamid ★ Portable Camping ★ Storytelling ★ Away from other tourists ★

Walking with Nomads

Discover the mystery of the Moroccan Sahara. desert trekking with a nomadic family.
Their mission is to protect and share their ancient heritage through a Walking with Nomads cultural desert trekking experience which will combine the intangible heritage of nomads, which is stories and the tangible heritage of nomads, which is the desert itself.

If you are a traveller and adventurer, seeking a unique experience with the last of the nomadic tribes, we invite you into our world. Join us, nomads and camels, then together as the Walking with Nomads team, we will conquer the desert and get to sail like little ships on the ocean of dunes.

Learn everything you need, to know how nomads survive the monster of dryness in the Sahara and how they made the Sahara their planet.

starlit tent | Desert Trekking Morocco

Our trekking tours are absolutely unique as they are provided with real and fabulous stories from our mother, the Sahara. Remote from modernisation with stories and wisdom that will take you to a time and place in the world, where camels are the heroes.

Desert Trekking in the Sahara

Treks are usually between 2 and 5 nights in duration. We can customise them to fit with your schedule and your trekking goals – whether they be personal endurance challenges or relaxation and escapism goals.

camel shadow on dunes | Desert Trekking Morocco

The silence of desert will tell thousands of words about the journey of peace.

Contact us for more information and to discuss in detail. We have experienced all the treks ourselves and talk to you about exactly what to expect and help you to understand if this experience is right for you and how you might fit it into one of our longer tours if required.