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Our Goal Was To Find The Perfect Moroccan Tour Company – and we did!

Lauren and Darrick had a goal – to find the perfect Moroccan Tour Company. They chose So Morocco and this is what they had to say about their decision.

A So Morocco Question & Answer session with Lauren Lee & Darrick Chin 

Q. Have you been to Morocco before?
A. It was our first trip to Morocco! To celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, we decided to take a trip to exotic destination and Morocco was on our top list.

Q.What made you decide to visit Morocco?
A. My parents visited Morocco 12 years ago and they had such a great experience. Rich culture, long history, beautiful architecture, food, people and shopping! They always talked about their trip to Morocco and we finally decided to pay a visit.

Q. How many Tour Operators did you contact?
A. After reading different blogs and travel books, lots of people were recommending to take 3-days desert tour from Marrakech. We wanted to avoid taking a large group tour so started looking up different tour companies that offer a private tour. We contacted about 12 different agencies (mainly local ones).

Q. What made you choose to book with So Morocco?
A. We began our search by looking up different tours offered by Viator. But we were overwhelmed with too many options and couldn’t decide which tour is going to give us the experience we are looking for. Because Viator is a reseller and all tours are being run by different companies. Viator agents we spoke to couldn’t provide detailed information. After that, I contacted about 15 different tour companies (mainly local ones), and half of them did not even bother to respond and half never provided enough information. Few came back with crazy high prices. When asked about information about hotels, they didn’t even come back with information. We also read so many stories about tourists getting scammed by local tour companies and being forced to stop at so many hard-sell places, we wanted to book our trip with trust-worthy agency. After a tiresome research and getting nowhere, I found So Morocco Ltd. After reading reviews on Tripadvisor and checking out Social Media and website, I felt like I found the right agency to book our private tour. We were looking for a boutique agency who we can trust and also who would provide a custom-tour that is tailored to our needs – the pefect Moroccan Tour Company.

Q. How did you find the pre-booking process?
A. Linda was pleasant to deal with. Her communication was super-fast and always answered all my questions with lots of useful information. Linda was professional and genuine. Many people choose to do 3-days tour but Linda strongly recommended to extend the tour to be 4-days because the drive on the last day is very long. And we are glad we took her advice and chose 4-days. We never felt rushed and thanks to the one extra day, we had more opportunities to explore different areas along the route.

Q. What were your 1st impressions of Morocco?
A. We arrived in Marrakech and stayed in the city for 4 days prior to our desert tour. The city was crazy busy and navigating our ways around the medina was like a maze! We spent 1 week in Spain before coming to Morocco and it was a big difference between two countries. We enjoyed our stay in Marrakech but absolutely loved our 4-days tour because it gave us an opportunity to experience the culture and witness how locals live. Morocco is such a beautiful country and we were amazed by different landscapes the country has.

The Perfect Moroccan Tour Company - Souk
The Valley of Roses – Shop

Q. What was your opinion of the car and driver?
A. We booked a private tour so it was just myself, and hubby and our driver Hassan. Our car was clean, new and comfortable. It was a 6-people 4WD car so super spacious. Hassan was humble, genuine and polite. His driving skill was superb and we felt very safe being driven by him.

Q. Were the hotels what you were hoping for?
A. Above and beyond! We absolutely loved all our accommodations. Linda’s recommendation on hotels was excellent! We wouldn’t have even knew about those places without Linda’s place. First night’s stay was at a hotel situated in the Dades Valley area, facing a beautiful little steam. Mustafa (the owner) was super friendly and provided a superb customer service. We felt like king and queen staying there. Room was very spacious and beautifully decorated. Hotel had a lovely backyard with seating area. Drinking mint tea and hearing bird sound was so relaxing and peaceful. We had 5-course dinner and it was divine. I travel often for work and have stayed at luxury hotels but this one is actually now on my top 5 list. We never wanted to leave!
At Sahara desert, we chose to stay at a luxury tent (which has ensuite toilet and shower). Tent we stayed is brand-new and each tent was beautifully decorated. Shower was nice and hot. Toilet was clean. Bed was super comfy. We couldn’t believe we were in a middle of desert! Camel ride to the tent was unforgettable experience. We really enjoyed our dinner and breakfast. Everything was yummy!
On the third night, we stayed in Agdz. Hotel had a swimming pool and we had a very relaxing afternoon lounging around the pool and cool off from the hot weather. Hotel was made out of clay (traditional housing style of Morocco) and tastefully decorated. We had a very authentic experience. We had a 3-course traditional Moroccan dinner at the hotel and it was so delicious! Everything must melted in my mouth.

The Perfect Morocco Tour Company - Hotel
Dades Hotel

Q. What was your overall impression of So Morocco?
A. We love travelling and been to 21 countries. We usually prefer travelling on our own because we can make up our own schedule and don’t like travel with a big group. However, we have booked group and private tours with numerous travel agencies. And So Morocco is actually one of the BEST travel company we ever dealt with. Our Morocco trip was wonderful and without Linda’s help, we wouldn’t have enjoyed our stay in Morocco. I am so happy we found So Morocco and decided to book our private tour. We know that there are tons of agencies in Morocco that offer a similar tour but we strongly recommend booking your tour with So Morocco. You won’t regret!

Q. Is there anything you would do differently if you came again?
A. We really wish we booked some tours with So Morocco while staying in Marrakech. We explored medina and the city on our own but booking couple different day trips with Linda would have provided much better experiences in Marrakech. Next time we come back to Morocco, we would like to check out Fez and Chefchaouen. Knowing Linda’s excellent choice with hotels and drivers, we would definitely book our tour again with So Morocco!

Q. What advice would you give to anyone thinking of booking a tour of Morocco?
A. Don’t hesitate, just book it with So Morocco! We did extensive research with a goal to find the perfect Moroccan tour company and we did!

Q. How would you sum up your So Morocco Tour?
A. 20 out of 10! After our tour, Linda followed up with us and asked us things we liked and things we didn’t like. We really appreciate the fact that she reached out to us and asked for our opinions about the tour because she was open for our feedback and looking for improvements. Thank you So Morocco and Linda for an excellent tour! We will be recommending So Morocco, The Perfect Moroccan Tour Company, to all our Canadian friends!

The Perfect Morocco Tour Company - Desert Camp
Desert Camp Sunset

Lauren and Darrick chose a 4 Day Marrakech to Desert Tour with us in May 2017. We customise all our tours to make them exactly what you want them to be. If you would like a similar tour, call us now.

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