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Covid-19 Update for Morocco-2021

Is Morocco Open for Tourism?

Written by Burcin Yetim

It’s with great enthusiasm (and a lot of curiosity) towards the unfolding of what we have all been going through during Covid that I’m sitting here today to write these lines as a Covid-19 Update for Morocco 2021.

Since our last update of August 2020, life for the majority of us residing in Morocco (from the citizens to the heads of the government) has been a rollercoaster of emotions and realizations.

As already mentioned, a great consciousness towards sustainability (both human, environmental, financial) has come to surface in most people and the changes that are about to take place are many, in this latest update I will try to give an exhaustive but not statistical overview.

Check out our original Covid-19 post here for more information

Let’s go through it together!

How did the Kingdom of Morocco cope with Covid during the first months of 2021?

The Kingdom of Morocco was under a strict lock down since the last weeks of 2020 to the 15th of June under these directions:

  • Curfew active from 20:00 to 06:00
  • A certification released from local authorities to move between certain cities (divided in Zone 1 and Zone 2).
  • The closure of all frontiers, except for those travelling for essential reasons, providing all the necessary medical documentation.

The curfew is now at 23:00, residents still need a certificate to travel between certain cities, but the frontiers are now fully open.

It is not easy to describe the situation that concerns so many diverse groups of people and backgrounds, so I apologize in advance as I will unfortunately and definitely not mention situations I do not know.

Morocco is a country where there’s an immense difference in the life of most people living in rural areas and bigger cities. The percentage of illiterate people is very high and even though everyone has a chance to find a job suiting their personal skills, the unemployment levels were high even before the pandemic.

Not being able to move easily from city to city is a tragedy for the smaller communities/cities/villages because work opportunities were often found elsewhere.

Those who could, shifted their careers, reinvented themselves, tried to look at what they had and what they could do with it.

Many successful businesses failed, but many also reassessed and have blossomed. We all sure hope this can only bring the people to flourish in these new circumstances.

Ramadan 2021

The holy month of Ramadan, the second one since the pandemic started, started on April 13 and finished on the 12th of May.

Unlike Ramadan 2020, this last one felt as though permeated with a uniformed feeling of peaceful resignation, which is a feeling that belongs to the spirit that Ramadan brings to people and that felt lacking in 2020, following the shock of such an unexpected global issue.

The Moroccan Vaccination Campaign

Since the frontiers reopened on the 15th of June for the “Operation Marhaba” to allow Moroccans abroad to come back to the country, all international flights are being resumed and there’s now the chance to come and visit the country. Almost all touristic sights and monuments are now open as are restaurants and parks.

Morocco is open for tourism.

By this time 22% (about 8 million people) are already fully vaccinated since end of January.

The directions to follow to safely travel to Morocco are in the following list:

  • Verify if the country of departure belongs to list A or list B (lists here)
  • Vaccinated people have to carry their vaccination pass
  • Unvaccinated people from list A have to provide a negative PCR test when boarding, done less than 48 hours before boarding the flight.
  • Vaccinated people from list B must provide a negative PCR test when boarding, done at the latest 48 hours before the flight boards and undergo a 10 day mandatory isolation.
  • Mask wearing and social distancing are still expected in public
  • Children under 11 are exempt from vaccinations and PCR’s

Do not forget to save your country’s Embassy contact abroad, to note down all the useful numbers and verify every step of your journey. Flight changes are still regularly happening and they may disrupt some of the plans you’ve been carefully defining but that’s not something that concerns only Morocco.

Tableau numéros utiles ANG
Here’s a small diagram sourced from the official site of Morocco’s Tourism Board where you can look for further information concerning your specific case!

Do you have other curiosities or questions? I’ll be happy to answer to anything that comes to your mind about your trip to Morocco, make sure you save the post and comment.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health situation in Morocco has always been stable with low critical cases. We hope this post helped you to have a different perspective and hopefully reassured you all about the safety for travellers that want to visit or come back to Morocco!

Our personal suggestion doesn’t change: take enough time to travel, think sustainably about your choices, ask before judging and observe before asking : )  and you’ll see that it doesn’t take much to be a great traveller and to enjoy your well-deserved holiday after such a challenging year!

We are so happy to have started taking bookings again and are finding that our holidays, which are private with a vehicle just for you, stay in small, intimate hotels and spend time in the desert and countryside where Covid has never been an issue, are proving more popular than ever.


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