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Your Morocco Tour Accommodation.

Part of the excitement of a So Morocco Tour is the accommodation. We have hand-picked a selection of traditional and unique options, with exceptionally high standards, which we will highlight below.

Here at So Morocco, we focus on small, traditional and boutique. There is something for every taste and budget and we recommend trying a variety, as each will show a different side of Morocco.

We have personally visited, slept in and eaten at EVERY option we offer and they have been chosen based on the following criteria.

  • Authenticity
  • Cleanliness
  • High service levels
  • Value for money
  • Friendliness

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    The Kasbah

    A kasbah was a secure fortress used for protection when the main town was under siege. Often located on high ground for better strategic reasons this has the added benefit of providing you with a wonderful view.

    Many have been converted into hotels and staying in one of these traditional buildings, offers an intimate charm. They exude style and character and offer an authentic Moroccan experience.

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    Berber Village House

    For the most authentic experience possible why not stay in a simple village house inhabited by Berber families.  The resident Berber family will be your hosts, supplying your shelter and the evening meal. You can integrate into family life as much or as little as you wish and they will enjoy showing you around their village. You can have your hands painted with henna, cook a meal all together and enjoy the hospitality.

    All these houses are traditionally mud built and have a rustic charm but some have electricity, hot showers and air conditioning installed.

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    The Desert Camp

    Camel Trekking & Desert Camping

    Something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime is to fall asleep under the stars of the Sahara Desert. An evocative and emotional experience for all ages.

    Erg Chebbi, with its beautiful apricot-coloured sand stretching as far as the eye can see, is where our four desert camps are situated. All of them are set in unique “Middle of No-Where” locations and range from a basic camp to the epitome of uber luxury. You will be introduced to your camel which you will ride to the camp of your choice or if you prefer we can arrange for you to travel by 4×4.

    Nomad Fire-Camp / Standard Option

    This is a small tented camp nestled down in a dune valley. There are proper beds and blankets are provided. The camp toilet and shower are set a short distance from the sleeping tents. In the restaurant tent, the friendly Berber team will produce a simple but tasty meal which you can eat around the camp-fire listening to stories of their home.

    In the morning you will return to our hotel on the dune line where you can use the facilities and enjoy a huge breakfast spread before continuing with your tour.

    Verdict – Traditional and authentic

    Standard Desert Camp | Morocco Tour | So Morocco

    Tree Camp / mid-range option

    This is a unique camp and a very special spot with 5 tents set under a huge desert tree. The tents have a separate bathroom area in each with toilet and shower. After the sun sets dramatically over the dunes the camp fires and lanterns will be lit and a traditional Moroccan feast will be served.

    This is an amazing experience and after you’ve enjoyed the stars and the secrets, the laughter and the friendship – you can sleep in a comfortable tent or under the stars.

    Verdict – Unique and quirky

    Luxury Camp 1

    This camp is luxurious and comfortable. Standards are exceptionally high and the restaurant serves authentic Moroccan dishes made with great care and dedication. After dinner, wonderful Berber musicians will entertain you whilst you relax around the camp fire under the stars.

    Each handmade, Bedouin tent is uniquely decorated and contains huge beds with high quality linen and elegant private bathrooms.  Sandboarding is also available.

    Verdict – High Quality and professional  

    lux desert camp 2

    Luxury Camp 2

    The most luxurious camp in the area. Set in an exceptionally quiet part of the desert, the camp perfectly balances luxury and authenticity. Although the en-suite tents are gorgeous and full of Moroccan personality, the outside areas are an absolute delight, adorned with rugs, lanterns and a choice of romantic seating areas and hand made furniture. Your three-course dinner can be served in the restaurant tent or a table will be placed anywhere you please (on top of the high dunes if you wish) and local musicians will play traditional music around the huge fire pit.

    There is a main camp of six tents and a private camp where the tents can be fully opened so you can lay in the comfort of your queen sized beds gazing at the starry sky as it meets the soft sand dunes of the African desert. Games, sandboarding and sand hammams are available.

    Verdict – Indulgent and atmospheric

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    The Riad

    A riad is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard.

    These are invisible to the traveller, hiding their charms behind their veil.  The alley-ways approaching these mini palaces are narrow and the front door, humble. However, once entered, a world of beauty opens up before you. The name comes from the Arab word Ryad – meaning garden and following the Islamic idea of privacy and inward reflection, the rooms in a riad will have windows facing the interior courtyard. This central garden usually has a fountain or pool and lots of green plants and orange trees.

    The interior Moorish and Marrakeshi craftsmanship are stunning with excellent examples of zellige, stucco, tadelakt and cedar work. Staying in one of these beautifully restored 17th-century buildings is like staying in a palace and with usually only half a dozen rooms, you will be sure to be treated like royalty.

    Usually situated deep inside the hectic medinas you will be amazed by the calm tranquillity of these historic buildings. Their roof terraces provide a private oasis from which to view the outside world.

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    Auberge is the French word for an Inn. In Morocco they are small, traditional hotels.

    Usually located in the Berber south and often in the desert itself they are a welcome oasis with friendly local owners and a relaxed atmosphere. The ones So Morocco have chosen are environmentally friendly and have the balance between homely and professional – just right.

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    The Cave Hotel

    Morocco has the largest cave system in North Africa and a handful of these have been converted into tourist accommodation. With So Morocco you can experience the silent, cool and unusual experience of sleeping in one of these natural underground chambers in the Cliffside.

    A real eco-treat and a total escape from mainstream tourism, located in a private and stunning spot- this is a world of peace and tranquility.

    cave Hotel room| Morocco Tour | So Morocco
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    The Maison d’Hote

    Boutique style accommodation, often conversions of old houses, built in a traditional Moroccan style. They are of a different layout to a Riad and are located outside the medina. Usually small, intimate and of an exceptionally high standard.

    A high-end bed and breakfast, (though often also offering an evening meal) these are usually locally owned and exceptionally charming. With small swimming pools, fresh home cooked food and service to die for – this is a romantic and unique option.

    Maison D'hote | Morocco Tours |So Morocco
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    Gite – Small, rural and usually very basic accommodation similar to a youth hostel. Facilities are often shared rather than en-suite and there may be a dormitory sleeping option. So Morocco only uses this type of accommodation during a mountain trekking tour.

    Apartment – Self-catering, private accommodation. Usually modern and often on a holiday complex.

    Villa – Self-catering, private accommodation – luxurious detached houses complete with large gardens and swimming pool.

    Hotel – These are larger hotels with graded facilities, often internationally owned. Our clients usually opt for one of the more “Moroccan” options. However if this is your choice we will be happy to assist and certainly in Casablanca for instance it may be the only option.

So Morocco Ltd support Jarjeer Mules Donkey Orphanage, Morocco and pledge to donate £15 from every booking taken in 2018 directly to this foundation. (The Machin Foundation).