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So Morocco Holiday – A Boutique Experience

  • We’re a small, independent Moroccan Holiday company, offering a flexible, personalised service. Our private holidays in Morocco are designed on an individual basis. You are the only people on YOUR MOROCCAN HOLIDAY TOUR and we will treat you as an individual at all times.
  • Because we are a UK Ltd Company, all pre-travel arrangements and payment systems are dealt with from our UK office. We have a Manager in the UK and in Morocco and we are available for both English speaking assistance and locally based assistance, 24hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Our vehicles are of a consistently high standard – this means you can be confident of comfort and safety. All are air conditioned vehicles under 5 years old and are licenced and insured as tourist vehicles. We also have Luxury Land Cruisers and 9 seater Mini-Vans in the fleet, available on request.
  • Our prices are clear and final. You will know exactly what is included and excluded prior to booking. There will be NO hidden extras!
  • We pay our drivers and guides a fair and ethical rate and work hard to eliminate any “hard sell” situations from your Morocco Holiday.
  • Our driver / guides are educated, professional and experienced with a vast knowledge of all aspects of Morocco.
  • We have an exemplary safety record and personally stay in every hotel and experience every activity before you do.

You may find a similar tour cheaper online, but you will almost certainly spend a large proportion of your time in carpet shops being “sold” to, in vehicles which are not roadworthy or legally registered (which negates your travel insurance) and with a driver who is overworked and underpaid.

What Morocco Holiday Tours & Desert Tours do we offer?

Our Morocco holiday tours offer a private, fully bespoke and door to door service – this means your family are the only people on the tour. You can fly to and from any Moroccan airport, on any date, for any duration and you visit only the places you specifically want to. In short, we can design any tour you want!

Why book with us?

As a small independent business, with a strong local presence, we are able to offer a VERY DIFFERENT experience and our holidays are all about creative ideas and the personal touch. Our boutique accommodation choices set us apart from other operators and we’ve lovingly hand-picked (and slept in) every hotel, but it’s our drivers that have made us the success that we are. This team of local Berbers are so proud of their homeland. Exceptionally experienced,  professional, multi-lingual and with a strong knowledge of Moroccan history, culture and politics – they will enrich your experience.

Director’s note

A few years ago I went on my 1st safari holiday. For peace of mind and looking for “on the ground” expertise I booked with a well known high street name and was shocked to discover that no-one in the agency had ever been to the country let alone to the hotels and parks they were advertising.

It is getting more and more difficult these days to know who will actually operate your tours. Large companies with strong reputations are spinning off from household names and tourists are led to believe that they can trust their local knowledge, when in fact they pass the “on the ground” work out to a variety of local operators and you won’t even know who they are. The business model of these companies is based on maximum profits for shareholders and transport and accommodation providers are selected on this basis.

This is not a model we wish to emulate. On the contrary, we adore Morocco and we want to help you to see the “Real Morocco”, the one we know and love.

As the owner of the business, I am also your main point of contact and I stay in EVERY hotel we feature. I eat there, shower there, sleep there and meet the staff. I have spent hundreds of hours driving around the country with each of our drivers, testing itineraries, understanding logistics and trialling restaurants. I try ALL the activities before you do and I have experience of the day to day stuff like where to buy antibiotics when I’ve got sick or where to buy alcohol when I am in need of a glass of wine and what to do when my suitcase doesn’t arrive from the flight.

I keep in touch on the ground through regular visits, a trusted network and a great local team.  I don’t know everything about Morocco but I will, one day!

So Morocco Ltd support Jarjeer Mules Donkey Orphanage, Morocco and pledge to donate £15 from every booking taken in 2018 directly to this foundation. (The Machin Foundation).