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Will I be harassed?

Harassment in Morocco

Sexual harassment is not the problem here that it is in other North African countries and is less of a problem than in Spain and Italy. Modest dress and respectful behaviour will, in general, protect you but there is no doubt that; in general, harassment of tourists is more persistent than it is in northern Europe. If you feel uncomfortable be polite but firm and try to avoid eye contact.

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When is Ramadan? How will it affect me?

Ramadan in Morocco

In 2018 Ramadan runs from 15th May to 14th June.

I often hear of tourists who wish to avoid Morocco during Ramadan as they are concerned that it will impact their ability to source alcohol or party late. I would suggest that they are coming to the wrong place for the wrong reasons. Clients are also concerned that everything will be shut, but this simply is not the case. Our tours run all year round including during the Ramadan month. There will an impact on your trip, albeit a limited one. During the day expect to see fewer tourists – not a bad thing!  In fact, the evenings might be extra lively as Moroccans like to walk outside after breaking their fast each evening.

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Do I need a visa?

Do I need a visa for Morocco?

Ensure your passport has blank visa pages. These will be stamped on arrival and departure from Morocco.

Ensure you have a return ticket.

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Will I need vaccinations?

Do I need vaccinations for Morocco?

Please discuss immunisation with your doctor in advance of your trip. However mandatory vaccines in Morocco are not required.

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Will I need travel insurance?

Travel Insurance for Your Morocco Tour

YES – it is a condition of your booking that you have adequate travel insurance. See our Terms & Conditions for further details.

Will I need electrical adaptors?

Which plugs do I need in Morocco?

Morocco operates on 220v 50Hz, the same as the rest of Europe, but different from North America. The sockets are usually the same as those in Europe but different from Britain or the US. So if you are coming from the UK or USA you will need a converter / adaptor.  There are two different types of electrical sockets commonly found in Morocco. Older sockets are two pin, similar to, the CEE 7/16 europlug. The newer type will have a grounded version of the two-pin socket in which an earth pin sticks out from the socket, CEE 7/5.  Unless your adapter has a hole to accept the earth pin you WILL NOT be able to physically insert the adapter into the socket.

Will my mobile phone work?

There is very good network phone coverage in Morocco. Contact your phone company before-hand to ensure your phone is set up to use abroad and remember to turn off roaming or you risk paying a fortune in data charges.

Is there internet available?

Is there wifi in Morocco?

There are internet cafes in most parts of Morocco and most cafes and hotels also have Wifi. Morocco has a 4G network supporting data roaming but it’s not the speed that you are used to and you may find that downloading images or streaming videos doesn’t work. In addition, don’t expect to be able to upload your camera photos while in Morocco.

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Should I come to Morocco during Ramadan?

There is no problem with visiting Morocco during Ramadan and tourists will not be unduly affected by this. In fact, the evenings might be extra lively as Moroccans like to walk outside after breaking their fast each evening.

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When is a good time to visit Morocco?

The climate in Morocco is varied and there is pleasant weather available somewhere throughout the year. The Atlantic coast has a year-round mid 20’s sunny climate and the mountains provide relief from the extreme heat in the summer months which you will find in the southern desert towns.

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What should I wear in Morocco?

Out of respect, we suggest long shorts and t-shirts rather than short shorts and sleeveless tops (for both men and women) and wearing swimwear only at the beach or by your hotel swimming pool.

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How much should I tip?

Tipping in Morocco

Morocco has a tipping culture which can be uncomfortable for nationalities who are not used to this. We don’t believe you should ever be made to feel that you are obliged to tip but for good service, as a rule, we suggest that you tip as follows (in Dirhams);

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How do I get from the Airport to the riad?

Marrakech medina is approximately 15 minutes drive from the airport. You need to be aware that the medina is pedestrianised and therefore the taxi cannot take you to the door of your riad. If they are a good driver they will know where your riad is and will take you as close as possible but even then you will be faced with the mayhem of Marrakech, all your luggage and no idea how to get to your riad.

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Can I buy alcohol in Morocco?

The city medinas do not have pubs or wine bars, however, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants with public bars. Alcohol is not available in the cafes around Jma el Fna in Marrakech. In the new town of Guilez there are several European style bars as well as a vibrant nightclub scene.

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Taxis in Morocco

We are so often asked about taxis in Morocco that we refer you to this blog post written by our partners at Marrakech Riads.

Taxis in Marrakech

What if I can't find the answer I am looking for?

Please check our “About Morocco” page for more information on some subjects or just give us a call and we will be happy to advise. If we don’t already know, we will find out for you and add the information to our website for everyone’s benefit.

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