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A to Z of Morocco

A Ten Day Tour of Morocco

Guest post by Sue Vine – After travelling Morocco with So Morocco, I was inspired to write an A-Z of all that we saw. It was the trip of a life time and I can’t believe how much we did over our 2000km journey.

A  – Asilah – Our final destination, artistic and oh so so pretty.

B  – Bahia Palace – Lavish and tranquil 19th century palace in Marrakech.

C  – Calligraphy – Decorative Arabic / Islamic handwriting. We watched a kind artist producing this in exquisite detail in the medina in Asilah.

D  – Dades Gorge – Morocco’s Grand Canyon and the site of the best lunch we ate on tour.

E  – Erfoud – A desert town, famous for its date festival.

F  – Fondouk –Foudouks offered accommodation for travelling merchants and their animals. A building with a square walled exterior, central open courtyard and large doorway for camels to enter. We found one in Chefchaouen being used by local artisans.

G  – Gnaoua – A desert dwelling people, famous for their spiritual, trance like music.

H  – Hassan – Our professional and caring driver.

I  – Imlil – Breath-taking, mountain village where we heard the call to prayer echoing around the mountains

J  – Jarjeer Donkey sanctuary – heart-warming and inspiring home for unwanted and mistreated donkeys and mules.

K  – Kasbahs – for castle lovers everywhere, there are literally hundreds in Morocco.

L  – Le Lion d’Or Atlas -Auberge serving the best tagine at Telouet.

M  – Medinas – old walled towns. We loved Tetouan medina, authentic and untouched by the outside world.

N  – Nomads – an ancient and harsh gypsy lifestyle still seen in Morocco but in need of support to continue.

O  – Oasis – huge palm groves stretching across the south of the country. Great for walking or cycling in.

P  – Portuguese – influence in a number of coastal towns in Morocco.

Q  – Quad biking – exhilarating fun in the Saharan sand dunes.

R  – Riads – Mini palace hotels hidden behind humble doorways.

S  – Sahara Desert – Glamping in style and peace under the stars, bucket list stuff.

T  – Tetouan – means “The Eyes” Authentic and un-spoilt Rif mountain town.

U  – Unesco  – Morocco has 9 cultural areas inscribed on the World Heritage List.

V  – Valley of the Roses –known as El Kelaa M’Gouna where a teaspoon of pure rose oil costs £70.

W – Weaving – carpets everywhere you look, all with a different meaning woven into the design to be read like a book.

X  – “xpansive” skies – How I love those huge African skies!

Y  – Yallah, yallah – Means “Let’s go!” one of the sounds of Morocco we heard over and over

Z  – Zaida – The only word I could think of beginning with Z was a small village we passed through in Midelt.

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