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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hug a Donkey in Morocco

Zen and the art of donkey hugging

Hug A Donkey

No 1.

Love them or hate them – there is no doubt that too long in Morocco’s cities will leave you feeling frazzled both from the heat and the mayhem. Marrakech is manic, Fes is frenzied and Casablanca is chaotic.

All of Morocco’s cities are stunningly beautiful and heart-breakingly African but too long in any one of them will exhaust you. We STRONGLY recommend a Tour of Morocco as a way of keeping everything in balance and finding tranquility in a chaotic world and what better way to do this than in a peaceful paradise at the foot of the High Atlas Mountains in a Donkey Orphanage.

No 2.

As a tourist in Morocco, you are directly or indirectly benefitting from the exceptionally hard worked donkey whether you realise it or not. If you’re planning a little mountain trekking then you will probably have a donkey to help carry the bags. If you have small children then they will love the idea of a donkey ride (especially if they’re scared of the camels).  But every single visitor to Morocco is reliant on the transport infrastructure of a country built on the efforts of donkeys.

The narrow alleyways of the ancient traffic free medinas simply wouldn’t function without the persistent clip-clopping of these tender and intelligent little animals.

Baby Sultana feeding
Baby Sultana feeding

No 3

Morocco  is certainly not unusual in its hard-hearted attitude towards donkeys. Life is tough and animals need to earn their keep. Many people can often barely afford to feed or get medical care for themselves let alone their donkeys and tragically this means that when a donkey becomes too old or too weak to be an effective worker, they are simply discarded.

No 4

Traditional practices are not always the best practice. In the donkey world, there is something called a Berber Bit. This is a poorly made, injury causing, barbaric bit used in the mouth of the donkey. There are simple and often freely distributed alternatives available and we are supporting a wonderful organisation who are tirelessly teaching good animal husbandry and how to look at animals through kinder eyes.


Donkey in Fes | So Morocco Tours
I have the strength of ten because my heart is pure – Tennyson

No 5

Donkeys remind us that observing, being mindful and being present in the moment are essential to a fulfilled life.

There is a place in Morocco, not far from Marrakech where donkeys which are orphaned or abandoned can find tender, loving care. Donkeys are a special kind of therapy and the simple act of hugging one of these pure-hearted creatures will benefit you as much as them. Spending time with donkeys will help you both lose and find yourself. This sanctuary provides you with the opportunity to walk, groom, watch and cuddle the donkeys and it is a fact that you need to hug a donkey as much as they need you to hug them.

You can visit this wonderful sanctuary, Jarjeer Mules, with So Morocco as a Day Trip (or half day trip) from Marrakech or as part of a longer tour. Discuss with us the best way to incorporate a donkey hug into your holiday today.

Hug a Donkey with So Morocco

So Morocco donates £10 for every booking of a Morocco Tour or Day Trip to Jarjeer Mules.

Suggested reading – Andrew Merrifield – The Wisdom of Donkeys. 

The Sanctuary

So Morocco Tours Hugging Donkeys in Morocco
So Morocco Hugging Donkeys in Morocco

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